Hair Tonic For Him Concentrate 男仕養髮液(生薑) - Union Hope Holding Group Limited│聯合控股集團有限公司
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Hair Tonic For Him Concentrate 男仕養髮液(生薑)


適男性頭皮保養 For scalp care


古龍水養髮液 Eau de Cologne.Hair Tonic


古老中國藥草薑根萃取與胺糖、鋅、多種氨基酸、維生素B群、人蔘、牛蒡、水解大豆蛋白萃取濃縮菁華調配而成,調理去屑,頭皮健康秀髮豐盈 This product combines garlic extract, lappa extract, lamium album flower extract, chamomile extract and arnica montana flower extract to effectively eliminate dandruff and itching, nourish hair roots and keep the scalp healthy   用法:洗髮後吹至8分乾,噴於頭皮以指腹輕按摩。每天使用,效果更佳 Usage: Towel dry hair. Spray on the scalp and massage with the finger pulps gently. Blow dry the hair afterwards. For the sensitive scalp, spray on scalp before wiping hair dry. Use daily for best results   容量:50毫升 Net: 50ml