Caffeine Botanical Scalp Revitalizer 咖啡因養髮液 50ml - Union Hope Holding Group Limited│聯合控股集團有限公司
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Caffeine Botanical Scalp Revitalizer 咖啡因養髮液 50ml


適各種頭皮 For scalp care 緩解脫髮 養護頭皮 Scalp Treatment for Hair Loss 採用台灣原生咖啡,運用超音波萃取技術,保留最多植物活性而成的天然咖啡因萃取物,富含天然活性精華,能有效地甦活頭皮,達到深層修護。同時融匯多種珍貴植物萃取可平衡油脂,舒緩頭皮不適,強韌髮根,使頭皮恢復健康、髮絲豐盈,提升自信光采 Infused with natural caffeine extracted from coffee varieties grown in Taiwan using ultrasonic extraction technology, this hair tonic is rich in natural active ingredients and essence to revitalize scalp cells and penetrate hair follicles for intensive repair. Precious plant extracts help balance scalp’s natural oils, prevent bacterial growth, relieve scalp discomfort, strengthen hair, and stimulate hair follicles and new growth, wowing you with healthy scalp, fuller hair, and a confidence boost 用法:取適量噴於頭皮,並以指腹稍加按摩 Usage: Spray a modest amount at root area and massage scalp with fingertips 容量: 50毫升 Net: 50ml


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